Another Typing Paper Quilt 
       the Quilt Tops A - page 4 - just a few of the variations

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There are many, many ways to arrange these blocks into a quilt
 - here are a few to get your ideas flowing!

1. On the first page of this article I suggested making just 9 blocks to start and do a wall quilt - here's a possible look for that quilt from Block 2 type stitching arrangement.

2. This quilt is a simple vertical and then horizontal arrangement of the same style of Block 1 
for the whole quilt.


3. And here is the same arrangement, but using a Block 1 colorway that had a bright strip emphasis of yellow in it.


4. This is a Block 1 colorway which has solidly filled triangles of two contrasting colors. A nice bold look!


5. By assembling the triangles differently from the quilt just above a very different look is achieved.


6. Try combining two different "fills" of strips for the triangles in Block 1 style as above. One set fills the triangles completely with the contrasting colors. The other set has one pair where the red is used just for the half with the point.


7. Making all the triangles point in the same direction gives an overall pattern - here only the tips of the triangles are filled with the light blue strips. This lets horizontal bars of dark blue form.


8. This is the same as the above quilt, but here only a narrow dark blue strip is added to each side of the light blue triangle strips - this makes a line rather than a solid bar.


9. This is the same block as in the quilt just above, but flipped back and forth alternating each position.


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Susan Druding

The graphics and quilt blocks/layouts for this article were prepared using  Electric Quilt quilt design software.

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