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There are many, many ways to arrange these blocks into a quilt
 - here are a few to get your ideas flowing!

10. Using a complementary color makes for a lot of movement across the surface. This quilt shows all the "hourglass" triangles vertically. The one below shows them flipped sideways.


11. Same block as above, different arrangement.


12. But, you don't have to stick with one set of colors! This quilt shows two colorways combined randomly.


13. Block 2 layout of strips - the "bull's eye" look. It has a log cabin feel to it. By making each triangle at the long side with the same color (here a deep blue check) you frame the centers.


14. Or, use a bright accent to outline each block and again in the outer border as above with the bright yellow. Add a sashing (here in blue) for a different look, too.


15. Block 3 strip arrangement forms a + in the center of each block if you choose bright or strong colors.


16. Add a low contrast sashing to separate the blocks.


17. Or, a strong color or bold print sashing to accentuate the divisions as above.

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Susan Druding

The graphics and quilt blocks/layouts for this article were prepared using  Electric Quilt quilt design software.

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