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Make 24 useful block units this way

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You need 24 of these units to make the small quilt tops shown below

See the sample quilt tops to decide which layout you want to use.

Each of the quilts uses 24 of the "useful units".
For the sake of planning, we will call the 3 fabrics A, B, and C.

 A  =  the red/pink shade 1/4 square
 B  = the yellow/gold shade 1/4 square
 C  = the green/blue shade 1/2 square

For these 24 units you will need
2/3 yds each of  A  and
 B  and 7/8 yd of  C

You do not need to use these colors, you may substitute any fabric color families you wish.
But assign the letters to the 3 groups you use.
These finished units will be 8.5" unsewn = 8" sewn.

1. Cut 6 squares each of  A  and  B , each 10" x 10"

2. Cut 12 squares of  C , each 9" x 9"

3. Follow the directions here on this page
to make the 24 "useful units" from these squares.
You will start with  A  and  B
 in the first step.

4. Refer back to the Quilt Top layouts HERE,
to decide which layout you want to make.

To make a quilt similar to Quilt top #1, using 24 "useful units" + 6 8" blocks of  C  you will need 2/3 yd each of  A  and  B  and 1-1/3 yd of C (additional to make the extra 6 blocks in the center). You will cut six 8.5" squares of  C  to make the center column of blocks. You will also need some extra fabric if you wish to add a narrow border.

For all the remaining quilt layouts #2 through #7 you will be cutting 58 squares that are 4.5" x 4.5" for making the central column and the border around the quilt. I prefer to cut these by cutting one long strip across the fabric that is 4.5" wide and then cutting that strip into the 4.5" squares. You will get at least 8 squares from one strip of 36" fabric and if you have wider fabric, you'll get 9.

To know how much fabric you need, assume you have a fabric at least 36" wide and you will be able to cut 8 x 4.5" squares across the fabric width. To cut 58 squares you will need 8 rows of blocks = 8 x 4.5" = 1 yard of fabric. If you make all the squares the same fabric, add an extra yard (1.3 yd to be safe). If you decide to make the squares in 2 colors (such as quilt layouts #4 and #5 you will need 1/2 yd each (again, add a little extra to be safe if the fabric isn't cut completely straight). For #6 which uses 3 colors, or for #7 which uses scrappy 3 colors you will need to make 20 4.5" squares of each of the 3 colors. This will require a little under 1/2 yd each.

For a scrappy version such as seen in Quilt #7 is the most fun to do - simply gather some fabrics which will fall into  A  and  B  and  C  color groupings. If you have a total of 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 yds in each of the 3 groups you will have plenty to make this quilt.

[Note: I've estimated a little high on yardage. If you are using a full 40-42" width fabric you will not need quite as much as I estimated. I have not shown fabric for the backing.]

To make a larger quilt than shown here, just add another column or rows to the quilt.

useful quilt block - easy quick free quilt patternI used Electric Quilt 5.0 to design the blocks and quilt top layouts for this article.



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