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useful quilt block - easy quick free quilt pattern

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Here are some simple ways to vary the layouts for this easy quick quilt.

I show the first 7 quilts (all using 24 blocks) all with the same 3 fabrics
so you can clearly see the different layout
of the colors and arrangements. The last quilt, #8, shows a scrappy look.

1. Below uses the "useful units" in pairs
with plain 8" squares of background fabric.
2. Below is the same arrangement as #1,
but the plain squares are 4" in center and border.
3. Below puts the "useful units" into pinwheel
blocks with same 4" squares as #2.
#4. Below uses pinwheels again, but this
time mixes 2 colors into the background.
#5. Below uses 2 different colors in 4" squares.
#6 Below mixes all 3 colors into the 4"
background squares.
#7 Below uses a scrappy look. Several
different fabrics fill in the 3 color groups
instead of just 3. Fun with novelty prints!

SEE how to make these 24 block quilts here
and an estimate of how much yardage you will need.



useful quilt block - easy quick free quilt patternI used Electric Quilt 5.0 to design the blocks and quilt top layouts for this article.



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