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mini paper pinwheel block BOM        

Sample Quilt Top Layouts
BOM #12 - the last in the series of 12

sample paper pinwheel quilt top layout

Above: The simplest layout of blocks is the pinwheel in
one fabric and the rest of the block in a
contrasting background fabric.


Above: Using the same block repeated with the little
extra 4 squares in a different color fabric gives a more
complex look to the assembled quilt.

quilt top sample layout paper pinwheel BOM 12

Above shows the same block repeated, but uses
a black contrasting sashing.


Above: Again the same block repeated, but the sashing
uses the same bold fabric as the pinwheels.


Above: A more complex look with two different pinwheel
fabrics AND the direction of the blades on the pinwheels
are reversed in alternate block by twisting the half square
triangles an extra turn. The 4 corner blocks are in a different
fabric, too.  The background fabrics are also varied and form
secondary shapes. Not much extra work for a more
interesting visual effect!


Above: Even more variety by putting the blocks on point.
This layout uses some plain fabric square to form a grid for
the pinwheels to float on.


Here is a page of Assembly information for making this block 

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Quilt blocks images were prepared with Electric Quilt and PhotoImpact graphics program.
2001 Susan C. Druding

Susan Druding

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