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Wheel of Fortune block
"Wheel of Fortune" paper foundation piecing units
for making this Block
June - BOM #2 

This block could range in size from 6 inches to 12 inches. Use graph paper or a copier to make the paper foundation pieces. Be sure to copy all from the same original block if using a copier. Leave a 1/4 inch seam allowance around each unit. The block is made of two units. One in position A, B, C, D and one in E, F, G, H.

Make the the shorter sides of the triangle units, exclusive of seam allowance, to be 1/2 the desired block size. Thus a 6" length = a 12" block.

 Printable Units for paper piecing this block.

The blocks below are compressed to fit on this page.
Click to see a full size version of 2 units for printing.

Paper pieced unit A for Wheel of Fortune


Paper pieced Wheel of Fortune Unit E F G H

Quilt blocks images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

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