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Wheel of Fortune pinwheel block - BOM #2
"Wheel of Fortune" Block 
Sample Quilt Top Layouts
June 2000 - BOM #2
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This "Wheel of Fortune" block is listed in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns as block #1299 and also can be called "Road to Fortune". It was shown in the Old Chelsea Station Needlecraft Service (OCS)

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Above: A block colored on the diagonal to give a different look.

Above: Isolating the gold triangles under the blue blades makes a gold "square" appear.

Using blue and lilac fabric colors to show the pinwheel blades as ribbons.


The two quilt layouts below are exactly the same, but the second one is colored to emphasize the squares that can form as secondary patterns - amazing how different it can look, eh?

On the bold layout above I've left the lines in to show where pieces next to each other are in the same colors, these lines would be much less visible in a real quilt.

page 2 "Wheel of Fortune" Block QUILT TOPS is HERE


Quilt images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

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