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mini flying saucer quilt block

"Flying Saucer" Block 
Sample Quilt Top Layouts
July - BOM #3
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This "Flying Saucer" block is listed in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns as block #1300 and also as "Carnival Time" #3599. The name "Flying Saucer" is used by Quilters' Newsletter Magazine Catalog. The "Carnival Time" name is from Aunt Martha's Studios.

A secondary 4-point star appears between the blocks.


Setting the Flying Saucer block on point and alternating block colorways is seen above.


A bold wall hanging with only 4 blocks. If using 12" blocks this would be 24" square plus a border.

Adding sashing changes the look. Adding blending color sashing above has less effect that adding a bold blue with a striped inner border as seen below. 

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page 2 "Flying Saucer" Block QUILT TOPS is HERE

On the bold layout above I've left the lines in to show where pieces next to each other are in the same colors, these lines would be much less visible in a real quilt.

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Quilt images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

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