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"Susan's Pinwheel" Block 
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December 2000 - BOM #8
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This paper foundation pieced "Pinwheel" block was designed for this BOM Series by Susan Druding

 Susan's Pinwheel paper foundation pieced quilt
#1 An allover block pattern (I made an error in the rotation of the blocks in the center on right side - I didn't see it until after the image was uploaded. It's meant to all be the same block arrangement!)

Susan's Pinwheel paper foundation pieced quilt
#2 - Similar to Quilt #1, but with the 2ndary pinwheel in blue.

Susan's Pinwheel paper foundation pieced quilt
#3 - this quilt hides the 2ndary pinwheel by matching it with background fabric and uses a bright yellow for the little triangles at the end of each arm.


#4. Both pinwheels are showing here again with a mini-pinwheel in red at the block intersections.

#5. This one reminds me of the Windmills seen on the "wind farms" as alternative energy sources.

Susan's Pinwheel paper foundation pieced quilt

#6 By using colors that "link up" a grid is formed here.

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Quilt images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt 4.0 and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

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