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"Susan's Pinwheel #9" Block 
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January 2001 - BOM #9
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This paper foundation pieced "Pinwheel #9" block was designed for this BOM Series by Susan Druding using EQ4. When this BOM series is complete I plan to put the PRJ4 files online for downloading.

#1 These blocks are put on point. See #4 below for a straight horizontal set. An allover block pattern with a simple background. By using 2 shades of a color for the pinwheel arms and deeper colors for the outline area, you can create a 3-D effect.

#2 - Here the 1/4 block is used alone and on point instead of forming pinwheels.

#3 - This quilt is similar to #2 above, uses the 1/4 blocks, but rotates every other block row to point first up and then down.

#4. Here the blocks are no longer on point as in #1 above, points are outward bound. The striped background adds interest.

#5. Using the blocks extra-large can make bold pillow top or wall hanging. Again, stripes are used lined in both directions.

#6 Similar to the quilt above, #5, but with very different coloring.

#7 - A staggered block arrangement where each row drops down one block from the row above. This quilt would look nice hung horizontally on a wall, too.

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Quilt images were prepared by Susan Druding with Electric Quilt and PhotoImpact graphics program.

Susan Druding

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