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Now, carefully pulling the same part of the image from each square, move the pieces to a clear area and re-build 4 star blocks mixing the colors in each block. Thus a piece of one color, a piece of another color, a piece of a 3rd color and pieces of a 4th color to form a multi-color star in the same star arrangement.

You will build 4 blocks that will look something like these two, no two will be the same. You won't be sewing these yet, but getting the 4 new arrangements (or 5, if you use 5 squares of fabric).

To sew, if you sew in planned order you can avoid sewing interior angles and the blocks will be much easier to sew! See photos of steps in cutting and sewing here.

I have made a numbered-lettered stack and slash star block here to show a suggested way to sew:

Sew the units:
As shown by the colors and numbers or letters coding. (The colors are used here just to show you the areas - they have nothing to do with your fabric colors!)  

Lilac section: First sew #2 to #1, then add #3 to make the lilac shaded area. 

Yellow section: Sew Y and Z to X.

Blue Section: Sew 'b' to 'a' and then sew 'c'.

Green section: Sew 11 to 10.

Assemble the Block:

Now - sew the  Green and Yellow sections together. Then add the Blue section. Now add the Lilac section and the block is done.

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I'll add a link here to comments and photos.

Diane Z. tells how she "chain sews" her stars:   

I have just tried the star blocks, and thought I'd let you know how they
turned out.

I started with 6 approx. 18 inch squares of different bright colors. After
slashing them I left them on the board, and moved the position of the
fabrics of the star points. On the first I put the top fabric on the
bottom. On the second, I put the top two on the bottom; on the third, the top
three, and so on. I then had a block with background and center of one
color, and each star point a different color. This avoided spreading them
all out and trying to match up colors and pieces.

I then took them carefully to the machine in their stacks , and
chain-pieced each section in the order you had given, being careful to keep
the colors in order. I had thought of marking each piece but didn't really
need to, as I kept them laid out as I had cut them.

As there are no seam allowances, this could be a bit of a problem. I found
if I followed the seams of the star points and extended them to the edge it
worked out, keeping the block flat. The edges ended up uneven at the
joining seams, but I trimmed them off afterwards, squaring off the blocks
and ended up with blocks 14 1/2 inches. You can not match the seams on the inner corners of the stars, because of the lack of seam allowance there. So the points appear to 'float' around the inner five-sided center.

Quite easy, as long as you don't get rattled! I am going to make them into a
bright crib quilt. I may add sashing, and will add a border. Not sure yet.

I just happened on your page a few days ago, and have been enjoying it.

Merry Christmas,



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Susan Druding