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I took some photos of the steps in cutting and sewing some blocks.

This will help you decide if you want to make these slightly-wacky stars!

I chose the above 4 fabrics and used 9.75" squares


I ironed the 4 together and sprayed each layer with starch to make them easier to work with. Then I drew my star on the back of the lightest piece.


I cut on my drawn lines.


The stars' parts were mixed and formed 4 layouts of new combinations (above and below are shown 2 of the 4)

When pressing after sewing, I found that ironing all seams AWAY from the smallest pieces made later sewing easier. 

I began sewing as shown by the green arrows. This meant seams no longer matched along the outer edges. I made one star without trimming these edges evenly and one with trimming. I decided I preferred to trim off the excess.

The block above shows how the edges get weird after sewing - trim the block down to a square as below. The 9.75" squares I started with ended up as blocks that were approx. 6.0" to 6.25".

Two finished blocks, above and below after trimming. You can see that the points don't match perfectly where they join the body, but you have a star formed.


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Susan Druding

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