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Also see feature Article on DIRECT PRINTING with Computers on Fabric HERE.

I'm searching for more of these and hope to add more, please help by sending URLs of quilts you know were transfer or directly printed with a computer.

printer.gif (4492 bytes)I find that the "memory" or scrapbook quilts that I like best are set into a real quilt setting using blocks or other quilt styles. The ones that are just "photos laid out on fabric" aren't as successful to my eye.

AWS's site - see some quilts with antique and wedding photos and click on "writing" link, too.

Ami Simms  book,  Creating Scrapbook Quilts, has inspired many photo quilts, she shows many here.

Mary Sonnenberg does family photo quilts and scrapbooking.

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Kate Childers - Dirty Hands, Shining Face

Kate Childers works with direct printing her digital images and offers her images printed on either canvas paper or silk. She describes "Dirty Hands, Shining Face"  this way: "I used my own fabric and steam set the ink.  The face, the hands and the butterfly were all printed on my computer.  I put my daughter's hands right on the scanner and scanned them in before working on them in Photoshop. The branches on the side are kimono silk, put in backwards to tone down the color. The dark pieces are also kimono silk - the red background is cotton."

Commercial Transfer to Fabric Sites

Software Specialty shows their work, one with 199 photos!

My Transfer Printed Quilts

For those who are curious -
I've made two small art quilts using transfer printing:
Sushi Jewels & Women Commemorated.

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Sushi Jewels and Women Commemorated
Click on each image to see more details, a larger image and a little about how I made these.

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